Las Vegas Police broke into Trevon Cole’s house on June 11th executing a marijuana warrant.  He was soon shot in the face in his bathroom while his pregnant fiancée watched from another room.  Cole was unarmed, non-violent and had no criminal record.  No marijuana was found and the detective was suspended with pay. The police officer who murdered this man was Bryan Yant, he is a 10 year veteran of the LVPD. Yant has been involved in three other unjustified murders while on duty.

“I just feel like they stole everything from me,” Cole’s fiancée said. “They stole it all.”

You can read the full story at  The media left out some critical details and tried to spin the story in a way that made the cops look good.  Here are two news articles link1, link2.  This tragedy was ignored by the mainstream national media. Instead the headlines on June 11 focussed on a celebrity pot bust, ‘Gossip Girl’ star charged with pot possession.  When Michale Phelps was photographed using a bong in 2009 it made headline news worldwide.

In May this year Missouri police murdered a family dog in a similar raid.

Here’s a summary of that story:  Under the cover of darkness, a team of militarized SWAT agents enter a family home and immediately engage in gunfire — killing one of two family dogs and wounding the other — and likely inflicting lifelong trauma to the family’s seven-year-old son. Police ultimately seized a small amount of marijuana residue and associated paraphernalia, which resulted in a misdemeanor charge and a $300 fine.

This story was also swept under the rug by the mainstream media.  The shocking video has been made available below,

Both these cases clearly illustrate the failure of the prohibition of marijuana.  Over zealous cops and the politicians that created this situation have caused infinitely more harm to society than marijuana ever has.  How many more innocent lives must be destroyed before we get a coherent drug policy?