CIA agents called in a hit on a small plane that was suspected to be smuggling drugs.  They could not have been more wrong.  Jim and Veronica Bowers were American missionaries working in the jungle in Northern Peru.

They were flying back to camp with their two children, six-year-old son Cory and infant daughter Charity, who was sitting on Veronica Bowers’s lap, when their Cessna aircraft was mistakenly targeted by CIA spotters in 2001.  Watch the shocking video below,

The CIA reconissance team called in the hit without even checking the plane’s markings.  After they called in the Peruvian military to attack the plane the CIA operatives began to have doubts.  It was not until it was way to late that they tried to call off the hit.  Veronica Bowers and her daughter were killed by the gunfire.

The incident was covered up by lies and attempts to delay the investigation.  The CIA’s own investigation, concluded in 2005, wrapped up without charges against anyone involved.  After this video surfaced the CIA says 16 agents were “diciplined” even though they insisted that none of its officers had acted inappropriately.  Whatever dicipline was given to these agents it was not any kind of serious punishment.

In a CIA statement given to the American media on Feb 3rd they blame the Peruvian government,

CIA officers did not shoot down any airplane. In the case of the tragic downing of April 21st, 2001, CIA personnel protested the identification of the missionary plane as a suspect drug trafficker.

What the fuck are they doing shooting down planes in the first place?  Even if the plane was full of drug smugglers they still deserve a trial.  Do you get shot if you smuggle weed across the US border in a car?

Investigations revealed that the Cessna was one of 15 small civilian aircraft shot down during the covert programme from 1995 to 2001. The CIA inspector-general said in November that in most cases the flights were shot down “without being properly identified, without being given the required warnings to land, and without being given time to respond to such warnings as were given to land”.

The CIA and DEA really think they are Team America World Police.  US agencies have committed numerous terrorist attacks and atrocities in South America in the name of the war on drugs.  Remember the Iran-Contra scandal?  Who knows how much they are still covering up.  The war on drugs is a war on the people.  It needs to end.