That’s right Minnesota supreme court has ruled that bong water is a controlled substance.  Under Minnesota law bong water is considered a “drug mixture”.  The state law says a drug mixture is:

a preparation, compound, mixture, or substance containing a controlled substance, regardless of purity.

In opposition a judge stated:

If bong water is considered a drug mixture, and it weighs enough to raise the crime to a first-degree drug offense, the presumed sentence for a first-time offender is seven years and two months in prison, and a felony drug offence goes on his or her record.

This bong water law is absolutely absurd.  Sadly there is more:

A narcotics officer had testified that drug users sometimes keep bong water to drink or inject later.

Marijuana smokers do not drink bong water and certainly do not inject it!  Who says something like that?  Many parts of the US are making progress on marijuana laws but Minnesota has clearly taken a step back.