Here is a particularity disturbing incident where a family got busted with 15 pounds of marijuana. The RCMP took their three kids away and charged both parents with possession. That’s pretty sad as it is. Read these two different articles about the same story.

Article 1

The first one says:

Searching the vehicle revealed 15 pounds of marijuana — enough to make about 27,240 joints, which would have a street level value of $102,000.

Article 2

The other article says this about it:

A search of the vehicle uncovered 6.8 kilograms of marijuana in a “wet” state, said Sgt. Dave Hardy of the Cochrane RCMP on Thursday.

“It was in a stage of basically rotting which made the odour overwhelming,” said Hardy.

Since when is 15 pounds worth $102,000. Good weed sells for $2500 per pound which would make this worth $37,500 and this wasn’t even good weed. I can only speculate on the cops’ motive to lie about the value of busts. I assume it is to make their bust sound like it made more of an impact then it really did. The police and media almost always exaggerate marijuana street value estimates.