In an interview with radio host Howard Stern on Monday Quentin Tarantino revealed that Brad Pitt provided him with some “pretty good” pot when they met to discuss their new movie Inglourious Basterds last year in France.  He went on to say “He takes this brick of hash, whips out a knife, like Jesse James, and cuts me off a big slither. I go, ‘Do you have a pipe to go with this?’ And he handed me a Coke can!”


On the June 5th edition of “Quirky Quotables….” Megan Fox has called for the American government to legalize the use of marijuana.  She was quoted saying “…When they do, I’ll be the first person in line to buy my pack of joints.”

Patrick Swayze is reportedly using medical marijuana to regain his appetite and put on some much needed pounds after battling cancer.

Stricken with breast cancer five years ago, Melissa Etheridge is speaking out about her use and support of medical marijuana.

In July Peter Fonda revealed true pot-Ssoking In ‘Easy Rider’.  Here’s the article: Fonda

Other celecbrities to recently come out include Kirsten Dunst, Joss Stone and Enrique Iglesias.

Since the Michael Phelps scandal in January many people feel more comfortable with marijuana use.  The number of people speaking out for the legalization of marijuana is awesome.  Keep it coming.