I came across this article on Yahoo News:

MEXICO CITY – U.S. refineries bought millions of dollars worth of oil stolen from Mexican government pipelines and smuggled across the border, the U.S. Justice Department told The Associated Press — illegal operations now led by Mexican drug cartels expanding their reach.

Criminals — mostly drug gangs — tap remote pipelines, sometimes building pipelines of their own, to siphon off hundreds of millions of dollars worth of oil each year, the Mexican oil monopoly said. At least one U.S. oil executive has pleaded guilty to conspiracy in such a deal. [AP]


These cartels are extremely powerful and they are smart to diversify their income.   Stealing oil is one of the things drug cartels will look into if drugs are legalized.  I’m sure every reader of my blog knows that the criminalization of drugs is the only reason there are drug cartels.  The ongoing war on drugs has cut out the competition allowing large illicit drug gangs to flourish.  What will the Mexican cartels do next?