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Loopy Lettuce is all about marijuana!

The anti-prohibition movement in North America is gaining momentum like crazy.  This is a good thing.  Mexico just decriminalized nationwide and the US is talking about  massively reforming their drug laws but here in Canada we are missing out so far.  21 states in the US have decrimninalized for recreational use.  The fedral law still has marijuana in Schedule 1 which means that it has a high rate of abuse and no medical use.  Until recently the DEA was raiding state sanctioned medical marijuana dispensaries but the new administration put an end to that.

The press really gained momentum with the Michael Phelps incident.  Soon after a California Assemblyman named Tom Ammiano introduced a bill in February to legalize marijuana in a manner similar to alcohol.  There has been more progress in the last 4 months than in the last 80 years.

I’m not going into a lot of detail on the arguments for and against legalization because we’ve all heard/written essays on the subject and the are basically all the same.

Here is a short list:

Pro Legalization

  • The lethal dose is roughly 900 joints (impossible)
  • No death has ever been recorded from marijuana alone
  • Aside from taxation governments will save billions per year on jail, courts and police that is currently wasted
  • Organized crime will take a massive hit
  • Personal freedom

Against Legalization

  • Morally wrong in many circles
  • Gateway Hypothesis (I’ll post on that another day)
  • Upsets the status-quo

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